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Sweet Briar has a distinctive financial aid program. It's about an academic community that is investing in you.

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Did You Know?
  • Good - SBC's JYF in Paris and Nice program is the oldest coeducational intercollegiate program continuously operating in Paris. Continuing in its established tradition of excellence in study abroad, JYF established an additional program in Nice in 2010.
  • Good - Founded in 1983, JYS in Seville has provided students the opportunity to improve their Spanish language skills, build their cultural competencies, broaden their international perspectives, and expand their knowledge and academic interests.
  • Good - SBC is one of only two women's colleges in the country to offer an ABET-accredited engineering degree.
  • Good - Located near the SBC campus, the Virginia Center for the Creative Arts is the only artists' retreat in the nation with direct ties to a college or university.
  • Good - SBC's campus offers nearly 20 miles of trails that wind through forests, fields and rolling hills. Trails traverse open fields and young, mature, and old growth forests containing red and white oak, poplar, maple, and beech trees.
  • Is 2013 outdated? - SBC's world-renowned monarch butterfly expert, Lincoln Brower, traveled to central Mexico in 2013 to study the butterfly populations in the region. A high point of the trip: former President Jimmy Carter met him and had an insightful discussion about Brower's research.
At Sweet Briar College, you'll find...
  • an atmosphere of collaboration, communication, personal attention and great celebration.
  • 3,250 acres that provide a landscape for learning and exploring.
  • a student community that's broadly diverse, tightly knit and unique.
We prepare young women to excel in the modern world. We've been doing it since 1901. And you are our sole focus. At Sweet Briar, women get all the attention, all the student leadership roles, and any career choice is open to you. We think that makes Sweet Briar pretty special.
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